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PRE-TODDLER Curriculum

Pre-Toddler Curriculum

Now the fun begins. Your little one has probably been walking for several months now! It’s an exciting developmental milestone.

We offer pre-toddlers daily self-discovery and educational opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment where the unique Music Magic program is the cornerstone of learning for all age groups.

Here is where we begin to introduce your pre-toddler to the wondrous world of the alphabet. We incorporate a number of fun and engaging activities that reinforce learning of each letter. For example, our weekly cooking class is where students get to bring the alphabet to life! We bake “B”anana Bread, “C”ookies, and so much more!

Numbers, shapes and colors are presented to pre-toddlers through Art, Science and even Kung Fu and Yoga! They practice and develop critical fine motor skills through stacking and building with blocks and puzzles.

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