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Music Magic

Music Magic, created by Jean-Paul and Yakini Coffy, is a music-based interactive educational program for pre-schoolers. This fun approach to learning has been the cornerstone of the La Grande Famille curriculum for 10 years.

We offer a fun musical experience for children 1-6 years old where everyone has the opportunity to be exposed to international music and culture through song, dance and arts & crafts. Our emphasis allows children to freely manipulate instruments and explore rhythms. Music Magic semesters are designated by themes and each age group coincides with a basic international rhythm.

Maestro Jean Paul Coffy, Haitian pianist/ musical composer and vocalist/ Yakini Coffy, teach the program. Music Magic emphasizes sound experimentation with many instruments such as: the drum, percussions, guitar, rara, graj, thumb piano, maracas, harmonicas, and recorders.

For more information on Music Magic Private Parties, visit our site at www.musicmagictime.com

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