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Infant Curriculum

Infant CurriculumInfant Curriculum

Infants only sleep and eat all day...right? WRONG!

As parents, you all know that infants love being stimulated and are constantly observing their environment and learning new skills. As part of our program, we engage infants from the earliest stages.

After every nap (approximately 2-4 times a day) we do some stretching, rolling—roll from back to front and front to back and "tummy time".

We work on reaching and tracking: we roll colorful balls in front of them and when they're very young, they can't yet reach for the ball. You can, however, see them tracking the ball with their eyes. Eventually they are drawn to reach forward to try and grab the ball.

With everything we do, we always talk to the infants and tell them what we're doing. When they're a little older, we start working with pictures, blocks and cards to explore concepts like shapes, colors and animal sounds!

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