Our childcare philosophy

1. Give the opportunity to be with other children in a setting conducive to the development of healthy social relationships.

2. Provide appropriate play experiences that contribute to the child's developmental needs.

3. Give children meaningful play opportunities based on the needs, interests and abilities of the child, which will be important building blocks for future skills.

4. Use music as a primary tool to stimulate and educate our children throughout the day.

"This is a SUPERIOR learning/daycare environment which has nurtured and educated my grandson for the past 5 years. He is ready for Kindergarten having developed and refined all basic skills and added enrichment which has contributed to his advanced growth and development" - R.

"It's a very great Day care, our 2 year old son loves so much going there ! Last week he was crying because he wanna stay longer at the end of the day.... They are doing so much things : cooking, paint, music (guitar, djembé, violon, piano, xylophone, flute etc...) , yoga, Spanish, science and more ! And you can follow their adventures thanks all the videos and pictures each days" M.

4541 S. Lake Park Avenue | Chicago, IL 60653 | Tel: 1(773) 991-4627 | Email: la_grande_famille@yahoo.com